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Q-Max Golden Miniature Thai Elephant 12 pc Set

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An elephant is an auspicious animal in many cultures. Elephant has been an auspicious symbol since ancient times. It can siphon a great quantity of water, which, in Feng Shui, represents wealth, and so, elephant is considered as being able to absorb and attract wealth. Placing the artifact of elephant in the store or office room, you will have wealth flowing in. 

In Chinese, elephant sounds like "auspicious" (xiang) and symbolizes peace and happiness. Placing the artifact of elephant in your home will bring you better fortune, ward off evils and bless your family with peace, health and prosperity. Moreover, elephant would be a great gift for newly-weds, Elephants represent faithful love,brings good blessing to the home.

-Where to place the statue?-

For preventing the loss of Chi from the home, place the elephants facing outward.

Display the pair of elephants in bedroom promotes love and faithfulness between a couple, this is a common way to use a pair of elephants. Place it in your child's bedroom, it brings academic success.

.Product Dimensions: 1.5"W X 1.5"L X 2"H    

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