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Q-Max 27"H Dragon Table - Blue Dragon with Baby - Detailed Dragon Decor Table - Fantasy Gothic Home Decor

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Here's How You Can Add A Mighty, Fearsome Winged Dragon To Your Medieval Decor! 

Looking for a handcrafted dungeon dragon to take your lair's decor to another level?

Need a practical yet beautiful glass end table that will match your goth bedroom decor, Wicca decor, or fantasy home decor? 

Want to spoil your kids, friends, coworkers, or friends with a majestic dragon table? 

Introducing The Q-Max Round Tempered Glass Top Dragon Statue Coffee Table! 

Designed to impress every fantasy fan, this breath-taking dragon statue table is here to make a statement in your game room, man cave, college dorm room, bedroom, kid's room, or goth kitchen. 

The fear-inducing, piercing eyes, realistic spiny scales, and awe-inspiring wings of this legendary blue dragon will perfectly balance the innocence and noble features of the fairy. 

Top 3 Reasons To Choose This Unique Coffee Table: 

?? Hand-Cast Dragon Using Premium Resin: unlike your average, cheaply-made dragon statues and figurines, this exquisite dragon coffee table statue is hand-cast using only the highest-quality materials.

?? Realistic & Ultra-Detailed Design: the full-color, realistic dragon statue will help strike fear into everyone's heart while at the same time offering them a glimmer of hope. 

?? Mythical Symbol Of Wisdom & Longevity: dragons have been known to protect treasures and secrets. In Asian mythology, dragons are often associated with wisdom, longevity, and loyalty. 

Need More Reasons? 

✔️ Tempered Glass Round Top 

✔️ Ideal Size For Small & Large Spaces: 24" W x 24" D x 27" H

✔️ Designed By Award-Winning Artist 

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